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the australian cellar club is not about us - its about introducing you to some great aussie wines you would otherwise not know about, combine it with some amazing aussie food, and help you get to know the people, places and culture that’s behind it all. And its about having some fun together in the process. But the web designers tell us that there is always an “about us” page, so this is it.

I guess I’m the one that started the whole concept of the australian cellar club, although it is through the combined efforts of several others that we now have it under way. I am an expat aussie who grew up on a peach orchard outside of Sydney. I started in the business with two handicaps. The first is that, in reality, I am an international commercial lawyer. The second is that I grew up in a non-wine drinking family. My first introduction to wine was to Mateus Rose, by a girlfreind at the time - the same girl introduced me to skiing - we are still good friends, and I guess I owe her big time, given that I now love good wine and live in Aspen, Colorado. But, after stumbling around drinking some great aussie wines without a lot of understanding, one of my law clients, and now a really good mate, “Big Bob” as we affectionately call him, started me on the never ending journey of exploring great plonk, including great ‘stickies’ (dessert wines). I’ve been importing aussie wine (and food) into the US for some four years now through a separate company, but wanted to do something that communicated more directly with consumers.

cheers, John Beatty

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