welcome to the australian cellar club!


Join us for a tour of the best boutique wines Australia has to offer.

We personally select for you only those australian boutique wines that are made by small producers who bring passion to the handcrafted wines they produce. These are wines that you will rarely, if ever, see in retail stores. We will educate you and you will get to know the aussie culture and personalities behind the wines. As they would say downunder, you’ll get to try out some ‘bloody good plonk’!

But, keep in mind as you embark on the adventure, that aussies are known for their love of fun and havin’ a good time. You may associate aussies with ‘shrimp on the barbie’, you may even know that is an americanized version of the real term, ‘throw another prawn on the barbie’. But what you will come to learn is that the prawns australians throw on the barbie are going to be the best you’ll ever taste, will come with amazing fusion sauces and rubs, be served with some of the best cheese in the world and all get washed down with great wine.

After all, isn’t that what living is all about?  And that’s what we are all about - good living, australian style.

But let's be clear - its about having fun, yes, but what you will find here is serious wine & serious food - all of which makes for seriously good fun.

We are so sure that you won’t be dissappointed with any of the products, that we offer You should know that we stand behind all of the wines that you receive, so please be sure to read our guarantee of quality.

john beatty

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